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There are many ways to define and deal with the issues of diversity at work. Bright Star supports employers and employees to understand diversity and inclusion in the context of their workplace, create policies, develop trainings. Interact with peers respectfully and adhere to their organizations diversity policy. Leading to a healthier work environment organization as well as their productivity.

We offer the following diversity certifications:

Neurodiversity Certification Program: (CND-W)
Certification in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: (CDEI)
Leadership & Management Certification in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: (CDEI- M)
Advanced Certification in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: (ACDEI- Advanced)

Applied Certification in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: (ACDEI)
Applied Certification in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: (ACDEI-HR)
Applied Leadership & Management Certification in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion:(ACDEI- M)
Applied Certification in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Trainer (ACDEI-T)
Applied Business Administration Certification Program-(ABAC)

With the proper training and certifications, you can have the tools needed to create the diverse work environment you need to succeed.

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Be The Change You Want to See

If you're not satisfied with your current position, Bright Star Diversity Consulting will be glad to steer you in the right direction. Our diversity consulting, and diversity training services are offered as virtual classes nationally. We are here to help you learn and grow when it comes to all your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion needs. Our trained experts can help your entire business or individuals become educated on all DEI topics.

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"Diversity, the art of thinking independently together" - Malcolm Forbes

Our mission

Our mission at Bright Star Diversity Consulting is to ensure that our clients are fully supported and equipped for any opportunities and challenges that arise while they're driving toward their goals. When you partner with us, your goals are our goals.

In addition, we're passionate about working with minorities, promoting equal access to resources and removing antiquated barriers. We serve businesses of all sizes across many industries with a wide breadth of strategic expertise. Our team concentrates on strategies driven by data and personal knowledge.

Worth the personal investment in myself! My consultant was very professional and communicative. The team provided an end-to-end experience starting with helping me define my goals and holding me accountable to achieve them. I recommend Bright Star If you need a more personal touch. I highly recommend their coaching and consulting services. They have the added convenience of offering a range of applied certification programs that strengthened my résumé. I believe the additional education helped me stand out and obtain my desired job!

My experience with Caroline is one of the best at Bright Star! She goes above and beyond to help her clients in finding success in their careers, so you don't feel stuck doing it alone! She's a great motivator and business consultant that I would highly recommend to anyone of any ethnicity or diversity that's looking for help to advance in their careers!

I was at a crossroads in my career and Bright Star helped me realize what direction to take to meet my financial needs and align my work with my values. I am feeling good about the future!

Caroline is such a breathe of fresh air. She truly listened to my needs and was able to provide the knowledge and expertise to progress me to the next level in my career. From resume writing to preparing for a job interview, Caroline was there and I was absolutely prepared. Thank you Caroline.

Certification Programs

Bright Star is now offering Certifications in Neurodiversity, Diversity, and a range of Business Specializations Certifications and Certificates. These certifications are accredited by Global Courseware and Accredible. Take the next step and elevate your career today!

Bright Star Now Offers a Range of Strategic Diversity Consulting

Designed for any size organizations and educational institutions. Bright Star's team will meet you where you are in your businesses Inclusion Improvement Journey.

Neurodiversity Certification (CND-W)

As autism spectrum disorder (ASD) becomes increasingly prevalent, it is important for companies to understand how people with autism can be a true asset to an organization. Hiring and creating a functional workspace for individuals with diverse talents and needs can help organizations reach their business goals, create a healthier and more inclusive workplace, and provides more opportunity for individuals with Neurodiverse individuals to contribute their talents and skills in a meaningful way.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Certifications

These certified programs explore integration concepts impacting the current workplace environment's neuro, racial, and culturally diverse populations.Including topics such as identity, diversity, inclusion, sensitivity, and unconscious bias. Topics are presented in interactive episodes, with realistic video scenarios, knowledge checks, and other assessments that prompt learners to think about their own assumptions, behaviors, and experiences. Employees will understand the many benefits of an inclusive culture and set a positive example for treating everyone with civility and respect.